GSM Fulfilment Services

With PRFM you can be confident that your individual SIM fulfilment needs - large or small, simple or complex - will be met in the most appropriate way, on time, efficiently and cost effectively.

Online despatch

Our detailed understanding of how important speed, accuracy and customer service are in the online environment enables us to provide a premium service to our MNO/MVNO clients. Combined with the flexibility and experience of our in-house teams, we can therefore offer a complete service, including:

  • Same day despatch of orders
  • Individual carrier personalisation
  • Multiple SIM capability
  • Rapid response e.g. unrivalled fast turnaround of artwork changes
  • Paired data available in any format
  • Activation rate maximisation
  • Secure destruction service for undeliverable items

Fulfilment on demand

The fact that fulfilment is our core business, not simply an add-on to a different production facility, means we know it inside out. And our client's know that they can trust us to manage the complete process, including swift, accurate fulfilment on demand, in turn significantly reducing order lead time and maintaining their customer service standards. The PRFM approach is always focused on the best methods to achieve the desired outcome, so we don't simply rely on automation, delivering efficiently every time through a tailored combination of services including:

  • Flexible capacity
  • Quick, cost effective artwork solutions in response to marketing campaigns and promotions (including immediate insertion of additional material into packaging)
  • Guaranteed consistent quality assurance procedures
  • Extremely competent workforce provides extra, detailed scrutiny of each and every element
  • Software assisted matching providing complete accountability and traceability

Secure storage and distribution

Security is integral to all PRFM services, alongside strict quality control procedures and total traceability. The company's premises are dedicated to providing a totally secure storage and distribution environment and include:

  • The latest 24 hour camera surveillance technology with monitoring and police response
  • Same-Day despatch service up until 4.00pm each day
  • Flexible response with a mini Pick-and-Pack service (enabling urgent, specific needs to be accommodated)


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